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Scotch Postal Wrapping Paper

Thisstuffposters' high-quality Scotch Postal wrapping paper is designed to last! Made with an 4-pack of the most popular and reliable kraft 30 in 30 inch x 15 in 15 ft, you'll be able to create some exceptional hunting wrapping paper with this purchase.

Scotch Postal Wrapping Paper Walmart

This 2-12 foot by 5-yard version of Scotch Postal wrapping paper is valuable for contents, it is fabricated of 3 m 7900 paper and grants a bright green color. It is top-rated for wrapping-paper, org and hard-copy packaging. This 2-12 foot by 5-foot package of 3, m Scotch Postal wrapping paper offers an exceptional value for the homeowner. It is manufactured of 3 m plastic and is manufactured to be machine-washable, it offers a green color and a black lettering. The paper effortless to handle and is unrivalled for wrapping gifts or this Scotch Postal wrapping paper is best-in-the-class for mailing supplies like packaging and mailing lid material, the brown is authenticated with its beautiful, bright brown color and it comes with 4 packages that is size of 75 square feet. This 2-foot by 12-foot package of 3 m 7900 Scotch paper is superb for wrapping or for use as a piece of paper at a function or event, each pack of 3. 0-inch wide paper comes with an 2-foot hem, so it will fit most needs, this paper is manufactured from 2-inch-wide board street stage and is produced to be white, off-white, or black "true" chicken feed color.