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Iris Wrapping Paper Storage Box

The Iris wrapping paper Storage Box is a practical surrogate to keep your wrapping paper in need of protection and still make use of its own size the Box is in the 40-inch size and can store any type of Box or paper wrapped gift, no matter how big or small, the Box is fabricated of durable materials that will keep your wrapped gift safe and healthy.

Iris 30" Wrapping Paper Plastic Storage Bin

The Iris 30" wrapping paper plastic Storage bin is exquisite for holding your wrapping paper, the Box is of 40 inch in size and extends a clear red design with white stripes. It is unequaled for holding your wrapping paper in a modern or elegant style, the Iris 30 wrapping paper Storage Box is a top-grade alternative to keep all you paper in one place! The deep red is sensational for the holiday season, and the stylish packaging makes it basic to take with you when you leave town. This holiday season, make sure to put all you wrapping paper Storage needs in one place! The 40-inch vertical wrapping paper Box is dandy for taking on vacation with all the best packaging, this beautiful Iris wrapping paper Storage Box is top for keeping you together or for taking with you on your travels. The Box is manufactured high quality wrapping paper always fresh and choice, we appreciate the bright and sky blue style and the toptraditionalin' of our Iris lined packaging. The Box is straightforward to place the top of your head and makes a sterling little office or.