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Hair Wrapping Paper

Graham beauty true wave is a jumbo paper that is fabricated for wrap-around hair, it provides a high quality with a smooth surface that makes it top-rated for many applications. The papers are of high quality and have a high tear resistant capacity, they also have a long life expectancy, making them a good alternative for long-term use.

Black Wrapping Paper For Hair

This black wrapping paper for Hair comes in at 12 x4, 5 inches. It is valuable for wrapping up all the Hair you have on your head! This zebra flower floral paper roll is top-of-the-line for giving as a gift! With its stylish paper and beautiful zebra flowers, it will make your recipient feel special and special enough! This tribute to the giggly, young girls is for your Hair turned on point of view! A black wrap paper for Hair gift, best-in-class for giving as a special gift, this beautiful paper angel wrap is outstanding to finish off your vintage christmas gift! The angels are in red Hair and the background is two sheets of white paper. This is a top-grade alternative to give an individualized gift that will be remembered for a long time.