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Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper

Hormel is back with another amazing Bacon Scented wrapping paper! This new wrapped paper offers a beautiful hormel brown bag with the company's name on it, there are some amazing Bacon flavors here including cheddar, blue cheese, and american. This paper is an excellent way to enjoy a delicious Bacon experience.

Bacon Scented Wrapping Paper Amazon

This gift set comes with a black label that reads "bacon lover Scented wrap", this gift set is top for the Bacon lover in your life! The sheets are soft and luxurious, making it effortless to write a letter of appreciation. This Bacon Scented wrapping paper is outstanding for your next gift! The unique smell of oscar Bacon is provided by the addition of scents such as garlic, pepper, and thyme, the lace design is completed with a beautiful Bacon fiesta! This bacon-scented wrapping paper is an outstanding surrogate to enjoy a hot meal while being scent free. The soft, fluffy performa paper with its hormel black label branding is unequaled for delayed gratification, this Bacon Scented gift wrap set is an exceptional alternative to add some lightness to your gift wrap needs! With three different scents it's possible to tailor in as you need it, making this is a versatile gift wrap set.